Brides & Brothers by Anneka R. Walker // Review

My Review: 
A charming modern take on Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, filled with humor, faith, and romance. 

Camille Kelly is teaching at the local college, but having trouble finding housing before she ages out of being eligible to live in the dorms. A broken computer leads her to a whirlwind romance and marriage to Aidan Peterson, but she is surprised to find that 5 of his 6 brothers live with him...and now them. Camille puts her matchmaking skills to the test, while adjusting to her new marriage and 5 additional housemates. 

This was a fun read from beginning to end, a sweet read with plenty of humor and great interaction between the characters. I loved how we got a pretty good sense of the brothers and the girls, making it easy to keep their stories straight in my head. Full of charm, with not just one love story, but 7, it was also fun seeing Camille get to know her new brothers-in-law and help them find love. 

Overall, a heartwarming, feel-good rom-com, with likable characters, and wonderful friendships. A great pick-me-up that brought a smile to my face. Engaging, and entertaining, perfect for fans of wholesome rom coms. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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