The fascinating lives of prairie dogs

Have you ever seen a prairie dog? And no, I don't mean at the zoo, where their cute manipulative faces are displayed to the oohing and ahhing of tourists. Or at a ghost town, tourist attraction. I mean for real, in the middle of a rancher's cow pasture. There they are the enemy. My 2 uncles are ranchers and you have not seen a prairie dog unless you have seen one through he eyes of a rancher. Their homes are little holes in the ground, smaller than a manhole, but just big enough for a cow's or horse's foot. And if a horse is running across the prairie like they do in all those movies, and falls in a prairie dog hole, more than likely they will break their leg fatally. And then to put the animal out of its misery we will have to shoot it with some fast- acting lead aspirin-and for you green horns, that's a bullet. Ranchers do everything they can to exterminate them or at least prevent the spread of they're little towns onto to more land. My uncle tried to poison them more than once. And it is considered a good waste of time for boys around those parts, to drive out the pasture infested with prairie dogs with a .22 and try to see how many they can kill. My cousin's favorite horse, the one he was practically born and raised on fell victim to these rodents' lairs, my cousin was 21 and the horse was 7 years older than he was. I hate seeing their little rodent faces on tourist postcards. The little horse killers. But, all this is only my opinion. I have alot of those. I strongly recommend "Adgena" by Representative Curtis Bowers too, while I'm having opinions. Also I love the books in the "Once Upon a Time" series by Cameron Dokey. And I'm a huge fan of Gilbert Morris. And I'm rooting for Taylor Swift to make it. Thanks for ignoring this, bye!

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