So ...invisible

Yes, I am weird. I guess everyone has got that before at least once in their life. Everyone has felt weird. And strange; out of place, not belonging where others think one should. But that's life, wheather you like it or not.
But not belonging kinda makes you belong. Because everyone has felt that they don't belong at one point in their life- not everyone has felt they belonged. And when you aren't trying to belong and be perfect that's when you find where you really belong. Where you fit snug as a bug in a rug. May be someday you'll read my story about a boy named Cephas who never belonged. I hope to be an author someday. "But you are an author," some of you might argue, "published or not you are doing what authors do, they write." But of course I meant published. Someday...
I guess writing about people who don't belong touches more chords in ones heart strings than anything else because it is a universal feeling. Something that does not just afflict us here in America. Universal. But that's cause we don't belong. And I think God puts that in our hearts, so that we will find where we truly belong with Him.


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