So this is the beginning, I guess I should introduce myself. I am a homeschooler from somewhere in the U.S. I am active in TBQ, and enjoy reading and writing. I am not that expressive in person, but I will try to cure that with my posts.

Today I have written and re-written drafts and just got tired and almost died. True, except for that last bit.

I have been writing since forever.

It is a good way to capture emotions that other people keep bottled up for years.

First I should say that no, I am not weird. Despite my occasional rambling. Keep that in mind.

Yes, this makes no sense.

You should be glad that it is in English.

I hope to make it to nationals with my quiz team. And no, I am not "one of those" homeschoolers. I do my best and I have fun. And no, quizzing is not my only definition of fun. As far as quizzing goes, I am a henchman/woman to the big dog on the quiz team.

I hope in the future to post more of my creative works, and read some of yours!

Until next time...Over and out!

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