Daughter of Silk by Linda Lee Chaikin ~ review

Daughter of Silk by Linda Lee Chaikin: Book Cover

Okay, first of all I wasn't planning on reviewing this book but since I signed up to review the sequel, I decided to read the first book, first so I wouldn't be confused. Now, if you can decipher that last sentence (I'm really sorry, I realized it's confusing), which I hope you did. Please keep reading!

My review: First of all let me say that I am a huge fan of Ms. Chaikin, so I was totally stoked to receive the sequel to this lovely book, Written on Silk  to review. But upon finding that it was a sequel I opted to read the first book first.

Rachelle is a lovely young Huguenot grisette, dressmaker in the court of Catherine de Medici, or Madame Serpent, as she is called for her snake-like eyes. Rachelle catches the eyes of the handsome Marquis Fabien, a controversial courtier who's loyalties are questioned. Rachelle becomes a maid of honor for Catherine's daughter Marguerite, and is swept into a world of religious intrigue. As a Huguenot, Rachelle position is precarious at best. Royal intrigues swirl, and betrayal lurks in the house of de Medici.

This book is the whole package. Excellent for fans of suspense in a rich historical setting. The book was peppered with French words, that simply "took me there." I admit that it did interrupt the flow of the book a bit to be flipping back and forth to the glossary to find out what French word meant what. But my overall opinion is that it enriched the experience. The historical setting was well researched and the characters were well developed. I shivered whenever Catherine de Medici entered the scene, she was absolutely chilling!

This is a book for those among who like suspense, tension, betrayal, and twisting plots. I would caution you though that the setting of this book is not exactly conducive to a morally clean setting, but Ms. Chaikin handled it very nicely. It was just mildly suggested that some of the ladies at court were not very reputable.

To be completely honest with you though, this book kept me up late at night, steadily flipping the pages trying to find a "good stopping place," which I couldn't find!

I believe that fans of Gilbert Morris, will really like this book. (I'm a huge Gilbert Morris fan).

I actually bought this book for myself, just so ya'll know. And this is my honest opinion. Keep a lookout for my review of its sequel, Written on Silk! Thanks!

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