No Safe Harbor by Elizabeth Ludwig ~ Review

No Safe Harbor (Edge of Freedom, #1)

My Review: A winding tale that shows the promise of America to immigrants dreaming of a new future.

Cara Hamilton comes to America in search of her twin brother, Eoghan, who has become embroiled in political conspiracies. Cara soon becomes a target, herself. Who can she trust  in this strange new world?

Ms. Ludwig does an excellent job of bringing America to life through the eyes of a young woman just arrived on it's golden shores. Cara was an excellent heroine who made the best out of the situation she was put in.

I loved how this story kept me guessing and had me puzzling over motives. I don't usually like books that tell the story from the "bad guy's" point of view, but with this novel it fit seamlessly with the story and enriched the plot.

Overall, a well written read that is laced with mystery, with a thrilling climax. I learned so much about a part of history that I wasn't formerly familiar with, Ms. Ludwig did an wonderful job with her detailed research. And now I'm excited to see what will happen next in the series!

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review :)

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