Accidentally Amish by Olivia Newport ~ Review

Accidentally Amish

Lucie's Review:

Annalisa Friesen is the co-owner of a computer programming business, but when she starts to suspect that something is terribly amiss between her business partner and her ex-boyfriend. Annie makes a spur of the moment decision to escape them and winds up on Amish farm, where she begins to bring to light pieces of her family's past.
Jacob Bieler comes to America and faces the hardship of starting over in a new world, losing his wife, and trying raise his five children on his own. Will he be able to make a new life for his family in America.

Ms. Newport has written a wonderfully intriguing novel, that intertwines two emotionally charged tales. Honestly I finished this book and wasn't really wowed by it, but then...I thought about it and realized that I actually really enjoyed it and appreciated the emotional complexities. This book just grew on me!

I really liked Jacob's side of the story and how he rebuilt his family, yet I really appreciated how Annie learned to slow down and not let technology eat away her life.

Overall, this book really surprised me in how much I liked it. Yet I don't think that I could ever convert to being Amish for a host of reason, I could see that for Annie that direction might not be a bad thing. There was a lot going on, and it was fun to see all the pieces come together. I will definitely be reading the sequel! A great read!

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!


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