A Hidden Truth by Judith Miller ~ Review

A Hidden Truth (Home to Amana, #1)

Lucie's Review:

Everything changes with the arrival of two people with secrets in their pasts. Anton is the new shepherd sent from another Amana colony to help Karlina's father tend the sheep. Something that has always given Karlina pleasure.
Dovie Cates comes to Amana in search of answers regarding her mother.

This book deals with secrets and choices, and what life might have been like to live in an Amana colonies. It was interesting to learn more about the customs and traditions of communal life.

One thing that was just a teeny bit hard to keep up with was how there were two points of view, both in first person, so I had to remember to read the chapter heading or I would end up really confused!

While there were plenty of intriguing characters and situations, this was a hard book for me toget into because I didn't feel like I was there in the moment with the characters, it was more like after the fact, and then they were telling me their thoughts on what had happened. And that was tough because it led to a lack of dialogue, which made it hard for me to feel like the romantic relationships were really developing because I never really got to see much interactions.

Overall, a well researched book that definitely left me better informed about communal living and the people of Amana, there were plenty of secrets and characters. An interesting read.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!

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