Can't Let You Go by Jenny B. Jones ~ Review

Can't Let You Go (Katie Parker Productions, #4)My Review:

Katie Parker is back in this great follow up to Jenny B. Jones' hit series that follows Katie and her new found family on their many adventures in In Between, Texas.

Years later Katie has finished college and been living in London, acting on the theater stage. But when she hears that her best friend, Frances is marrying Joey Benson, and her acting gig in London goes down, she knows that it is finally time to return home to In Between to her family.

One the return flight home, Katie runs into her high school flame, Charlie Benson. When they return to In Between they find that it is on the verge of being bought up by a huge cooperation called Thrifty & Co. Will Katie, Charlie, and their many families and friends be able to save In Between and Katie's beloved Valiant Theatre before it's too late?

A fun filled novel, that catches up with Katie as she makes her way in life as an adult, returning home to her family and the place that she fell in love with as a teenager. Maxine is back with her typical outspoken sass, and Katie narrates with her wry, sarcasm, and all-to-honest observations that made me literally laugh out loud. I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to see Katie's parents, and Maxine's husband, Sam as much as I hoped. Also I was a bit disappointed in how Katie and Charlie communicated pretty poorly throughout much of the book, as well as Katie's waffling in decision.

It's interesting to see how Katie has grown over the years not covered in the books, and is still growing into a confident young woman. While the faith elements didn't come through quite as strongly in this book, I liked how this story served more as a coming of age tale about Katie facing her fears and embracing her life as an adult.

Overall, this was a fun read. It was great to see In Between and Maxine again, and that while some things change, there are things that never will. Definitely a book to look into if you are a Katie Parker fan.

I bought this book with my own money, and reviewing it simply because I liked it. 

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