The Beautiful Garden of Eden by Gary Bower, illustrated by Barbara Chotiner ~ Review

My Review:

Based on Genesis 1-3 The Beautiful Garden of Eden tells of creation and humanity's fall in rhythmic, rhyming verse, each new verse adding cumulatively upon the previous in the fast paced and fun read.

Excellent for reading aloud, the rhymes fall off the tongue with an intrinsic urgency that makes it almost a tongue-twister. The verses are clever, humorous, and point directly to the truth. I liked how even though this book is so much fun and even humorous, it doesn't shy away from the more serious stuff either, like the curse of original sin and how we have hope in Jesus Christ as God's response to the curse.

The illustrations are colorful and fun, well suited to this style of narrative. This is a fantastic book that you will be excited to share with the young people in your life!

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