When Tides Turn by Sarah Sundin ~ Review

My Review:

Quintessa Beaumont is tired of being beautiful, with the war on she wants to be useful. So she joins the WAVES in hopes of changing people's perception of her. But when she stumbles upon a plot to sell military secrets to the enemy, will the FBI take her seriously or see just another pretty face and empty head?

Daniel Avery puts his career first, on track for reaching his dream of becoming an admiral. He doesn't have time for rest or fun, if he's going to reach his goals. But when an assignment puts him under a officer who has a personal vendetta against him, he wonders if he will ever get to prove himself or if this assignment could derail his entire career.

Tess has grown a lot over the course of the last few books, she wants to be respected for her brains and sensibility. She is a good friend, and goes out of her way to make others feel welcomed. Tess is eager to serve her country no matter the challenge, and encourages her fellow WAVES. Tess is capable, intelligent and the perfect encourager.

Dan can't believe that a woman like Quintessa Beaumont has turned his head after a woman nearly ended his military career years ago. But Tess surpasses Dan's expectations, even cracking through his business only, no-nonsense exterior, encouraging him to take time for himself as well as work hard. Dan struggles to give control to God, in trusting him in rest as well as work. I admired his dedication to his job, integrity, and willingness to examine himself and do the right thing no matter what.

A fantastic read from beginning to end, I love how Ms. Sundin puts so much work into the details and research behind making these books come to life. I enjoyed learning more about warfare at sea, as well as seeing so many familiar faces from the previous books in the series crop up in this book. One of my very favorite things about about this book was Dan's journey of faith to relying on God to rest and trust Him rather than to take it all on his shoulders. Filled with action, mystery and intrigue, with strong, complex characters to cheer for the whole way through. I especially liked Tess's friend Nora. High recommend this entire series!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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