The Engagement Plot by Krista Phillips ~ Review

My Review:

Six months ago Will proposed to Hanna on national TV after a whirlwind of dream dates and exotic locations, then he broke her heart.

Hanna is back home in Minnesota recovering her reputation and waiting for the media to forget her name. But when a winter storm brings an unexpected guest with an unorthodox solution to both their problems--a fake engagement.

Will hasn't been able to forget about Hanna, and his company is in trouble, will they be able to help his business and fix Hanna's reputation without losing their hearts?

A delightful, delicious romp of a romantic comedy perfect for fans of reality dating shows. Hanna is struggling with the aftermath of the dating show, trying to clear her name of insinuations and misconceptions that millions were led to believe by her former fiance, Will. Hanna is a small-town girl, she is very close to her father and comes from humble seed, she is serious about her faith and her reputation. Hanna is stronger than she thinks, I admired her faith and vulnerability. I loved her friendship with Carly, everybody needs a Carly in their life!

Will is a wealthy, big city, CEO, he is drawn to Hanna because he sees something different in her. Their chemistry is amazing, as opposites who compliment each other perfectly. I especially loved how Will's parents welcomed Hanna with open arms, as well as his father's wisdom.

Overall, this was a pleasure to read, great interaction, fantastic chemistry, filled with humor, and faith. I liked how it looks at how reality shows put a lot of pressure on people and how suddenly a person's life gets thrown under a microscope with fame, as well as the courage that it takes to stay true to one's self and faith. I thought that Ms. Phillips did a great job of imagining what it might be like to have your life changed forever by a dating show, bringing to life the struggles of being in the public eye and staying true to one's convictions. I also really liked how Hanna grows over the course of the book coming to some new realizations, and learning to trust that everything in in God's hands. Fast-paced with a fantastic plot, I found this book hard to put down and nearly read it all in one day! A terrific read for fans of romantic comedy.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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