The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck by Bethany Turner ~ Review

My Review:

Sarah Hollenbeck married her high school sweetheart, and spent her life supporting him in his career. But when she finds her beloved Patrick with another woman, her world comes crumbling down and she finds solace in book clubs, inspiring her to write a steamy romance that makes her a best-seller.

But her life pivots again when she gives her life to the Lord, and starts dating the new pastor at her church.

A fun-filled read from the very start, it was sugary sweet like a Hallmark movie, but it also had some really great in depth discussions on faith. There were moments that had me laughing out loud and and others that had me grinning a stupid grin ear to ear. It was an absolute delight, there were moments that might have been a bit cheesy, but its cheeky self-awareness was a strength.

I loved Sarah's best friend Piper, she is a long time Christian who helps Sarah navigate the ropes of her new faith, as well as a encouraging her positively and supporting her under tough circumstances. I wouldn't mind a sequel where Piper finds someone amazing! I love how Piper is honest, and tells Sarah the things that she needs to hear, not the things that she wants to hear. She is wonderfully human, and makes her mistakes too, but is honest with herself as well.

Ben is a pretty much a knight in shining armor, he is honest and upfront about some of his struggles, but he stands with Sarah and supports her through everything. They have an instant chemistry and his daughter is just the sweetest! I loved his close relationship with his in-laws and his sense of priority.

Overall, an absolutely thoroughly enjoyable read from beginning to end. I loved the pop-culture references to Dr. Quinn! Sarah was a lovable character, and one of my favorite things about this book was her friendship with Piper. Her romance with Ben was pretty hot too. I loved how this book had really great relatable Christian role models, as well as how the fun romance is balance with Biblical truth as Sarah learns to step out in faith and what it means to trust God. Utterly delightful!

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