Always Look Twice by Elizabeth Goddard ~ Review

Lucie's Review:
A thrilling, suspense, with non-stop action, and romance set against the rugged beauty of Wyoming.

Harper Reynolds is an ex-crime scene photographer, who accidentally captures a murder on film while taking pictures in the Grand Tetons. She flees the scene, but the killer sees her, and then she loses her camera.

Reserve Deputy Heath McKade is brought on to help protect Harper after she takes her story to the county Sheriff's department. But can they catch the killer and find the camera, before it's too late?

Harper and Heath grew up together, but after her father was murdered they moved away and haven't seen each other since. Harper was strongly affected by what happened, and has always wondered if things might have happened differently if she hadn't been so scared. Harper is very skilled at her job, but the emotional toll can be overwhelming at times. She is determined to do the right thing, and is glad to have Heath at her side again to help her solve the crime.

Heath was one of my favorite characters from the previous companion book. He is ex-military, and skilled in high risk situations. He and Harper were best friends as children, and he stands by her side, and believes her even when no one else will. He admires her strength and dedication to seeing this through to the end.

I loved the fast-paced plot, filled with action and page-turning suspense. There was good tension, and character interaction between Harper and Heath. I liked that there was a strong backstory, and a beautiful setting. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't as much for faith conversations as in the previous book, but still a good book! A well written, page-turner, about courage and doing the right thing.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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