What Comes My Way by Tracie Peterson ~ Review

Lucie's Review:

The long awaited conclusion to the Brookstone Brides Trilogy.

What Comes My Way picks up right where the previous book left off, making it a book that I would not recommend reading as a stand alone, as much of the set up is done in previous books, and this is the book where we finally get the answers. I really enjoyed the previous books in the series so picking his one up was a no brainer, in this book we get to know Ella a bit more, as well as Phillip, while still following Lizzie and Wesley from the first book.

Ella has come a long way since the beginning, finding her place as a talented trick rider she feels free from her past. She has grown in her faith and confidence with the help of her friends who have become family. When faces from her past reappear, she must put the past behind her and choose the life that she wants for herself.

Phillip Deshazer struggles with guilt, which shows itself in his overindulgence in strong drink. He must face his demons once and for all if his budding relationship with Ella stands a chance.

Overall, a great ending to a very entertaining and enjoyable series about strong women as they make their way in a wild west show. Ella and Phillip grow over the course of the book, I liked how it continues to follow the main characters from the previous book. Also it ties up many of the loose ends, with a fast paced conclusion, even though the beginning was a bit slow for me. Definitely a must read if you've read the other books the series!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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