Hearts in Harmony by Beth Wiseman ~ Review

My Review:

Helping a family friend brings two Amish young adults together, as well as their shared love for music, which is forbidden.

Levi Shetler longs to play the music that calls to him in his head, naturally gifted he has never had a piano lesson yet he has been blessed with an uncanny talent. But that kind of music is forbidden.

Mary Hershberger is a young woman from a more lenient district than Levi's Old Order District, she also loves to listen and sing along with banned melodies. She and Levi bond over their shared love of music and their friendship with an elderly English woman.

A series of misunderstandings threaten to keep them apart, does their love have a chance?

A heartwarming Amish read, about family, friendship, and love. Mary and Levi come from different spectrums of the Amish, Mary's family is more modern and wealthy, while Levi's large family is more modest and traditional. I loved Adeline and how she embraces Levi, Mary, and Natalie as her friends, finding comfort in their friendship. Adeline is a wonderful woman with a natural gift for hospitality, she doesn't have much but she shares what she has. I loved how she mentored and encouraged Levi, Natalie, and Mary with love and faith.

Natalie is a hardworking young woman who is branching out on her own after a difficult childhood caught between two fighting parents. She connects with Adeline reluctantly, but quickly is charmed by Adeline's genuine heart for others, expecting nothing in return. I really like how this book shows how she has grown through her pain.

Overall, this was a quick, enjoyable read from one of my favorite Amish story writers, Beth Wiseman. I liked how she handled the difficult topics that came up in this book, and in the context of this story it worked well. Great start to a series, with many memorable characters, and great interaction. I definitely recommend this highly enjoyable read!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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