The Bright Unknown by Elizabeth Byler Younts ~ Review

 My Review:

A heartbreakingly poignant story of friendship, resilience, survival, courage and hope.

Brighton Friedrich has never known a life beyond the walls of the Riverside Home, an asylum for the insane and unwanted. She was born there, where her mother is a patient. She makes friends among the patients, bonding with a beautiful boy affected by albinism, whom she names Angel, and a girl abandoned by her parents named Grace.

She and her friends makes plans to escape the asylum, for a chance at life on the outside. But are she and Angel ready to face the challenges and dangers of a world they have never experienced?

Told through the eyes of Brighton, rolling forward and back in time through the years as she remembers the painful years in the asylum as well as the friends, betrayals and struggle for survival. Beautifully written this book took me captive, as I sympathized with Brighton's horrible plight, clinging to piece after piece of shattered hope.

Secrets are revealed as the time rolls forward and back, yet there are many surprises and twists along the way. I love how the author was able to write such complex and developed characters, no one was all good or all bad, and I loved the challenge of accepting each of them as they were.

Overall, a poignant and heartbreaking read that at times was hard to continue, yet the gimmers of hope kept me holding on along with Brighton. Filled with hope, in even the most stark of places, this is a heartfelt read that you won't soon forget, well worth the read!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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