Like Flames in the Night by Connilyn Cossette ~ Review

My Review:

The final book in the Cities of Refuge Series follows Tirzah who is Moriyah and Darek's youngest daughter, widowed, but the beloved by her family. She doesn't want to marry again, yet wants to join her people in laying claim to the promised land. She convinces her brother to allow her to participate in a dangerous mission.

Liyam is a skilled warrior, fighting for his people, he returns home to tragedy. Angry and hurting he seeks the man who hurts him and his family, he meets Tirzah's family and pledges his service in their mission in exchange for help with his own.

Can these two warriors help their people claim their rightful land, and is it ever too late for forgiveness and new beginnings?

Tirzah has experienced deep hurt and loss, yet she is courageous and strong willing to help her people, speaking truth, acting in compassion. I admired her strength, she is quick on her feet, acts decisively. Odelaya is a faithful friend, youthful, and enthusiastic, I loved how she brought out a softer side of Tirzah.

Liyam is a seasoned warrior, he knows the risks he is taking on. I loved how he admired Tirzah's courage and quick thinking, and how he was supportive of her unconventional role in fighting alongside their people.

One of my favorite things in this book was how it brought together one of my favorite families from a previous series, with Moriyah and Darek's family, in a beautiful and satisfying way. I loved how this book brought back many of my favorite characters like Malakhi, Eitan, Nessa, even Alannah, from previous books.

Overall, a action packed read, and wonderful conclusion to this series bringing everything full circle into a powerful ending. Strong themes of faith, with a glimpse of what it might have been like to live under the Torah, while waiting for fulfillment of the promise. Great chemistry between TIrzah and Liyam, I loved how they both had suffered, yet God used their pain to bring about something new and beautiful.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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