The Alamo Bride by Kathleen Y'Barbo ~ Review

Lucie's Review: 

Aspiring healer Ellis Dumont finds a man unconscious, feverish, raving about treasure and war, on their Texas land. Ellis's father and brother are away fighting with the Texans. She's convinced that he is either crazy or a spy, but for which side?

Claibourne Gentry doesn't remember his mission, or what brought him to the Dumonts.

Will Ellis risk it all for her family on the word of a man she just met?

A bit slow to start it takes a awhile to get going because of how long Claibourne is unconscious, and the uneasiness of their acquaintance, as well as the situation.

Ellis's grandfather is a strong a protective patriarch, watching out for Ellis, her mother, and younger brothers. 

Ellis grows over the course of the book finding a sense of purpose in helping others. Clay also finds a chance at a new start upon meeting the Dumont family. Ellis struggles to put faith over fear, and is inspired by the strong women in her family.

Overall, a entertaining read, though it had a slow start, and at times the way that the plot moved was hard to follow. I admired Ellis's desire to help others and do meaningful work. A pleasant historical read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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