Watercolors by Lorna Seilstad ~ Review


Amelia York is a determined, educated young woman, with a degree in Art from the University of Iowa, and a gift for watercolors. She joins a Christian mission group to nurse the injured, and after a terrible accident is determined to bring her paralyzed brother home. 

Escorting her and her brother is lawyer Braedon McCrae, an ex-Confederate soldier, informally trained in medicine. Braedon is a man of strong convictions and honor, still struggling to reconcile the horrors of war and his lack of faith. 

Set right after the end of the Civil War, this book shows the tensions still very much alive on both sides as people adjust to the aftermath of the war. The loss of a loved one, or a loved one returned from war forever changed. Amelia is unconventional for her time, she knows what she wants and is determined to see it through. I loved her devotion to her family, as well as her strong faith. She is encouraging and compassionate towards others, especially her brother John. 

Braedon is a trained lawyer, and informally trained in medicine, he is still struggling to process everything he experienced. I loved his Aunt, and his father who both love her dearly and want him to find the answers that he needs. 

Overall, I was so impressed with the strong, integral to the plot, themes of faith, pain, loss, and hope. At times I thought that the pacing could have been tighter, but overall it worked well. I liked how it showed the tension and prejudices that were present in a country trying to make sense of the aftermath of a Civil War. An engaging story of faith, hope, and finding love. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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