The Prince of Spies by Elizabeth Camden ~ Review

My Review:

Luke Delacroix has been fighting to bring down Clyde MacGruder, the sworn enemy of his family for decades. The last thing he expected was to fall in love with Clyde's daughter. 

Charming, charismatic Luke Delacroix is a man on a mission with connections spanning the country, he knows how to ferret out information from unscrupulous characters and pull the strings from behind the scenes to ruin political campaigns. This riveting conclusion to the Hope and Glory Trilogy brings back to the forefront the tempestuous feud between the Delacroixs and the MacGruders over adulterated food, in the political capitol of the nation. 

Drawing from real life trials testing food safety as people because more reliant on store shelves for stocking their pantries. Thoroughly researched, Ms. Camden has a gift for bringing the Gilded Age to life in vivid detail, deftly showing how the luxuries we take for granted everyday came to be. I knew I would love this book as soon as I heard about it, Luke is a daring hero, with strong convictions and sense of justice. I've enjoyed seeing him grow, find faith, and mature in the previous books, which I devoured. 

I enjoyed getting a more humanizing view of the inner workings of the MacGruder family through the eyes of Marianne, seeing their struggles, failures, as well as how they rose from nothing to the owners of a food empire to be reckoned with. I admired Marianne for her courage in facing the truths about her family. 

Overall, this was a engrossing read, and satisfying read from beginning to end that brings history to life. A captivating read that was impossible to put down, with excellent pacing and fantastic characters, I especially liked bantering comradery of the Poison Squad, as well as how the MacGruder clan explored in a realistic dimensional way. Highly recommend this book, the whole series, and everything by this author!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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