Doubtless: Because Faith is Hard by Shelby Abbott ~ Review

My Review: 

A concise read, that tackles the topic of doubt. Shelby Abbott, minister with CRU, takes us through the different types and reasons for doubts, and how we can take that doubt and feed it with faith. 

I think that this is a fitting book for this author to write, he knows his audience well, and  he does an excellent job of presenting this topic in a conversational, digestible way, while still hitting hard. I loved how he talks about how doubt in and of itself is not a bad or negative thing, but it is when we take that doubt and take it into unbelief that it becomes a serious problem. Having questions and feeding our curiosity is normal and how we grow by seeking those answers. 

One of my favorite quotes is: "People with little or no visible faith are people who just react and don't think. They let their feelings and emotions harass them; the circumstances of their lives corner and oppress them. It takes thought to have faith. When in doubt, don't think less and let circumstances push you further into doubt. Work through your doubt and think more." 

Overall, an encouraging book about struggling with doubt and how we can take that doubt and grow by  feeding it with faith instead of unbelief. This book also has many good resources, giving readers who are interested, a good reading list to feed their faith. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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