The Piano Teacher by Kristie Self ~ Review

My Review:
Following a vast array of characters from all stations, ages, and professions, this book put me in mind of Downton Abbey or Cranford  in the way that it brings you into the community and we get to follow various stories as they develop and intersect. 

Melody Creston is put in a difficult position after the death of her father, so she accepts a position teaching pianoforte in Roderick Glen to escape being pressured into an unwanted marriage to a lecherous villain. 

It was fun getting to know the members of Roderick Glen as they navigate life and love, along with the burdens of class. I liked how this book had multiple stories to follow, though it did take a while for me to familiarize myself with all of the characters. Fiona, Maria, and Marigold are wonderful friends to Melody, and I loved how we see George's struggle between his duty and his heart. I'll admit I was pretty skeptical of Henry at first, but he did end up winning me over by the end. It will be fun to see where this series will go and how the class dynamics will change with the marriages to come. 

Overall, an enjoyable ensemble read, with interesting and intriguing characters, written in an easygoing style, with great dialogue, and steady pacing. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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