The Librarian of Boone's Hollow by Kim Vogel Sawyer ~ Review

My Review:

Adelaide Cowherd is forced to leave college just shy of finals, due to her father losing his job and financial struggles linked to the Great Depression.She takes a job as a packhorse librarian in Boone's Hollow, working with the WPA. 

Emmett Tharp returns to Boone's Hollow with a college degree. But fitting back in a mining town proves difficult, even within his own family. 

An entertaining read, set in 1936 during the Depression. I admired Addie for her never give up attitude and how she always tries to meet every prejudice with kindness. 

I enjoyed getting to know the 4 main characters throughout, Bettina probably stands out as one of the most interesting. One minute I wanted to hug her and the next I wanted to give her a good talking to, I ached for her trapped in a situation not of her own doing and looking for escape. Nanny Fay is a sage woman, walking closely with the Lord, and I loved her heart for others, even when they had shown her nothing but unkindness in return. Emmett is hardworking and intelligent, he wants to contribute to his family, I liked that he was never ashamed of his humble beginnings. 

Overall, this was a enjoyable read, with one of my very favorite settings the hard scrabble mountains of Appalachia during the 1930's. It had endearing characters trying to navigate live in the unforgiving mountains, though I wished that we had gotten to know more members of the community and explored more of their personal challenges. Another wonderful novel by Kim Vogel Sawyer!

I received a complimentary ecopy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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