Love in Plain Sight by Kathleen Fuller // Review

Review: New love and healing in Birch Creek. 

Katherine Miller is a kind-hearted young woman who came to Birch Creek for sanctuary away from her painful secrets; not looking for a husband she has slowly made friends in the community. I loved that she had many supportive people in her life that she could call her friends, as well as her budding relationship with Ezra. My heart instantly went out to Katherine, and she is the kind of heroine that you can cheer for all the way through. 

The book also picks up some of the story threads from the previous books in the series, like with Rhoda and Loren as they wonder about the future of their relationship. Ezra is a kind and thoughtful young man, and I liked how he always was making sure that Katherine was comfortable and doing alright. 

Overall this was a quick, emotional, heartwarming read with strong themes of trusting God, forgiveness, courage and second chances. I loved revisiting familiar faces and meeting new ones, as well as finally solving some mysteries that had been going on in the background for quite some time. An excellent addition to the series!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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