Orphan's Song by Gillian Bronte Adams // Review

My Review: 

An exciting new fantasy series, with compelling characters and a gripping plot. 

Birdie has heard a song her whole life, but is the song a gift or a curse?

The first in what is set up to be trilogy, this first installment does an excellent job of setting up the plot and introducing us to Birdie, Amos and Ky. The world building was well done, there was a great balance of action and intrigue. 

I liked that this book took familiar fantasy tropes respinning them in a fresh way that grabbed my attention and sucked me in. I liked that the story also follows Amos who is a more mature character who kept me guessing at his intents with secrets of his own. 

Overall, this is an excellent read for young adults and even families to read together. Exciting, with heroes that you can root for, and storytelling that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Engaging, with elements of faith that I sense will grow stronger as the story progresses. 

I checked out this book at my local library. Opinions expressed are my own. 


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