As Dawn Breaks by Kate Breslin // Review


A riveting historical novel set in Scotland during the First World War, filled with friendship, faith, romance and suspense. 

After the explosion in Chilwell munitions worker Rose Graham seizes the opportunity to start fresh, escaping the terrible marriage that her cruel uncle had arranged for her. She takes up a new job in another munitions factory under the name of her deceased friend Tilly. I loved how Rose makes new friends and learns to meet challenges, as well as the warmth that the Baird family shows her as she adjusts to a new place. 

One of my favorite things about this book was the unique setting and premise. I cannot think of another book  that I have read that was set in Scotland during WWI. A well written story with wonderful attention to detail throughout, with great pacing and a suspenseful plot. Alex isn't one for great first impressions, and he is gruff at first but he proves himself an honorable man, brother, friend, and son. 

Overall, a spectacular historical read with great relationship building, mystery, and romance. I liked how Rose grew over the course of the book in her faith, as well as finding her voice. Highly recommend, especially if you are a fan of historical novels, with a touch of suspense!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


  1. This book, its characters, and its unique setting do sound good. What is the mystery/suspense part of it about?

    1. Well, without giving too much away, there was a bombing at a munitions factory and they must discover who is behind it before it happens again. It even follows the bad guy for a little, and there are strange things that happen as the danger increases. The book definitely amps up at the end.


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