Bad day

Hello there!
I'm having a rough writing day today, so this is your only warning. It might be bad. Or rather, it will be bad.
Just so you know how bad my writing has been today here's a gem that I wrote this morning. It's terrible.

If there was any indication of Bert’s presence, they wouldn’t have noticed. Well, Ranunculus might have noticed something if she’d known what they were looking for, in the first place, which she hadn’t. So she didn’t. But as far as either of them knew there was nothing, so it’s not like Cephas could blame her.          

Betcha that made you cringe. Yeah, me too.

Today I decided to work on outlining and scene plotting, just so you know. But I'm sure not a sprocket of pure poetry today.
So what do you do when you aren't exactly stuck, but every comes out more than a little off?

P.S. Tomorrow will be my last post before getting cut off from Internet access for up to 2 weeks.

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