We Made it to NATIONALS!!!!!

Hi, this is Faye and I know that I said that I would post on Monday but we got home earlier than expected and I wanted to tell ya'll about Regionals!

Our team placed 4th, and qualified for Nationals. The top five teams get to go to Nationals. This is the 1st time a team from our state has qualified for Nationals in over 50 years! And we had a 3 way tie for 2nd, but nobody wanted to do a play off so we decided to take the 4th place trophy because we were just beyond ecstatic to qualify. It's really hard to qualify.

I got 5th individually, which is beyond awesome! I got this mega nice purple trophy, with a spinner on it! I missed 4th by a few points but the 4th place trophy is yellow. I like purple better. I had my eye on that 5th place trophy the whole day even when I was in 3rd or 4th after a match. Yeah, I'm weird.

My brother placed 9th, but he tied and offered to take the 10th place medal because the 9th place medals were gray and the 10th place medal was sky blue. My brother likes blue.

The most awesome thing is that most of the teams are our best buddies. We are really close to our opponents, they are awesome! Having fellowship with other Christians is amazing! So we will be seeing our good friends in a couple months at Nationals! Most of our friends qualified! I wish everyone could qualify, but life doesn't work that way.

Nationals is in Dallas, TX, on July 2nd through the 8th.

I can't wait!

And we had so much fun on our trip; not all of it related to quizzing. I bantered back and forth with the 2nd place top quizzer with Bible verses from John. I started to recount the entire conversation for you guys but then I realized that it really isn't that funny if you aren't a Bible Quizzer. Actually it sounds kinda senseless. But was a blast!

I have made so many fond memories of this trip and have made so many more friends, that I will continue to see through out the years, attached to so many memories.

We also had some fun moments where our assistant coach told jokes to relieve the pressure during timeouts. For example we pondered deep questions and other interesting topics. I will give you a sneak peek into our timeouts, and deep thoughts.

"Why do you park on a driveway, and drive on a park way?"

*In a British accent* "We will now talk about deep, deep subjects, such as brownies.No, let's not talk about those simple things, let us use this time interval for more deep ponderings, such as how Pop-Tarts are vital to human Survival!
"Or how you might be able to survive on a deserted island with only a couple of boxes on Pop-tarts! I did it once-not really. But I dreamed that I did so that counts!"

"What is brominated vegetable oil? It's in Mountain Dew, so now I can say that it actually has vegetables in it! What does brominated mean anyway?"

Now I must remind you that we were dying to laugh and that it was alot funnier if you were there. Sorry if I made you suffer!

I had an amazing time and I hope that BQ will continue to bless me with learning, growing and many more friendships and memories!

Now I have to go study my brains out.

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  1. Thanks so much! I don't usually post about Teen Bible Quiz, but that's a big part of my life right now. Usually I post about books and writing!
    Glad you enjoyed it!


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