Fare thee well! I'm off for 2 weeks!

Hello there!
As ya'll know I'm getting ready to take a break from technology starting tomorrow, so today I'm going to tell you about what to expect when I get back. And this is also so you won't think I died or got eaten my a mountain lion, or even a prairie dog-those little critters are devious behind those big black eyes and button noses!
 Book Reviews! I will be reviewing Historical Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Science Fiction/ Futuristic Fiction, etc.,some Non-Fiction Apologetic Books etc.
But don't you worry none, because between the occasional book review I will be back to blogging the way I have been since February, so don't fear, you haven't lost me yet!
I'm also going to try and include things I learned from studying the Bible here and there.
Maybe my random opinion here and there on various things, but I already do that.
So now you know what to expect in June.
I'll try to post whenever I have Internet access, but that might not happen.
So long for now! Hope to see you soon!

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