Off to Regionals I go!

    Tomorrow we set off into the great unknown, (a.k.a. somewhere in the U.S.A.) for Teen Bible Quiz Regionals, which decide which teams get to make the trip to Dallas, TX for TBQ Nationals. Most journeys do not begin with a 6 hour, claustrophobic van ride, but mine does.
    Actually the journey began about eight months ago when I started studying the Gospel of John, hard-core, in depth, word-for-word. We made it through the State meets and State Finals, but Regionals is the next stop. Last year we made 7th of 12 teams, the top 5 go to Nationals. We are attempting to make that top 5.
    But it's not about winning or losing or about who is the best and knows the most about the Bible, the test is how we apply what we have learned to our lives, and well we keep it perserved in our minds. Most importantly, we have to remember that we are not doing this for ourselves, or our glory, but for the glory of God.
    I have learned so much this year about Jesus and his time on Earth. And so much more! This year our team has gone through difficulties, but we have pushed through them. The problems aren't totally gone but they are healing, by the grace of God.
    I'm so thankful for the opportunity that God has given us this year. And I pray that through this God will use us for His glory. Who knows? Maybe someday we'll be witnessing to someone and a verse that we learned in John will help us explain salvation to someone.
    Bible Quiz has blessed me in so many ways. Pray for us while we are at Regionals, and on the way back. (There are rumors of thunderstorms).
    Thanks so much for your support!
    I will post on Monday, to tell ya'll how we did.
    Off to Regionals we go!

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