Lunch is Served!

Today, I volunteered with my church group to pack lunches for people searching for jobs. A lot of people line up at Labor Ready at about 4 a.m. in the morning just so that they can get a day job delivering pizzas or filling sandbags, then the next day they start all over again looking for a job. Because these people want to work they often miss out on getting meals at local charities, because they have to get to places like Labor Ready so early in the morning. These people want to work, they don't ask for hand outs, they just want a job. But often that means going hungry. So this place called Lunch is Served makes it their goal to feed these people. The Lunches are filling and nutritious, they always contain a breakfast bar, chips, 2 Sandwiches, a fruit cup (they used to do apples but then they found that some people don't have good teeth so they couldn't eat the apples), some kind of individually packaged cookie, utensils, and an inspiring note, usually a bible verse. Lunch is Served is a Christian mission, that packs lunches every Monday and Wednesday.

I helped by putting meat and cheese into the sandwiches. We made over 400 sandwiches today! Alot of the food is donated, like the meat is from John Morrell, and the bread is from the local grocery store. And people can donate money so that the rest of the supplies can be purchased. They also use food from local food banks.

I was so much fun and I was so blessed to have this opportunity to help out in my community. This is my 2nd time helping with Lunch is Served.

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