What I've been up to

Now I can sit back and relax because the fair is over! For a week anyway. I'll be packing up for a before-school-starts-vacation pretty soon here. But to all ya'll reading my blog thanks so much for reading :)

Something I have been wanting to ask ya'll is if you would like more book reviews from me or more researched posts, for example an essay on a poem that I read. Something more smart sounding, like a report on events in history or about the legend of Robin Hood. I would love your feedback.

I have been busy lately, so yes, my writing has taken a backseat.

I have gotten together with some friends and we started a youtube channel. I'm also getting ready to send things to the state fair. Not to mention reading alot of fun books :) I can't wait to post my reviews!

I hope to post one very soon! I have other ready, but they have special days when they have to be posted. But you'll get to read them soon!

Here's a video that my good friend Andrea made to promote Teen Bible Quizzing.

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