Already Compromised by Ken Ham, Greg Hall & Britt Beemer ~ review

Already Compromised by Ken Ham: Book Cover
About the book: Just how Christian is the the Christian college that you are considering going to, or sending your kids to? That's what Ken Ham, Greg Hall and Britt Beemer want to know. And through extensive research they find their answer. And it's probably not the answer you want to hear! These gentlemen did a study of the Christian schools in our nation and found shocking results. Read this book to find how schools are Already Compromised and what you can do to protect your children, or yourself from an Already Compromised college.

My Review: I was so excited to get a chance to review this book, because I am a huge fan of Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis. I have read many books by him and enjoyed them all. This book was no exception. Since I'm at the age where I'm starting to think about college and where I want to go, I was so happy to been so well informed before I make a huge decision. But the thing is the truth is really sobering, and I am so blessed to have read this book BEFORE I go to college. I was shocked to learn how compromised Christian colleges have become in the last few years, it just blew me away.

The research was well done, and you can tell that it was very thorough. I was pleased with how they interpreted the statistics, not adding anything that wasn't there or making the results look a certain way. They were very open and honest about how they had ideas about why they might have gotten the results they did, but they admitted that they really don't know why certain people answered questions they way they did. Not only did they ask questions, they asked the same basic questions multiple times with different wording, and the results were drastically changed! This is the way statistics should be done!

Not only did this book warn parents and students about the sorry state of colleges these days it also, talked about finding a good college, and how you can't expect perfection from any college. There was also a special chapter for students, that was very encouraging, saying that no matter where you go to college the most important thing is the strength and stability of your faith. No matter where you go to college.

The appendix of this book was jam-packed full of goodies! And definitely worth reading. Such as an article on the new world of "Newspeak" the scary new double talk that is taking over our culture. And ones about understanding worldview and another affirming that Moses really did write the books that he is traditionally credited with.

In all this is a must read, no matter your age, we must all be aware of the radical changes in the culture around us so that we can fight against it and win!

ISBN 13: 978-0-89051-607-2

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Thanks to New Leaf Publishing, who provided this book for review in return for an honest review. Thanks!

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