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All The Flowers by Tom Milton: Book Cover

My Review: All the Flowers is a work of literature, that has a magnetic lilt to it that pulled me in.  At first I thought this book overly telling and not enough showing, but as I read I came to the conclusion that I didn't really mind the style of the writing. The writing and flow of the story was told beautifully.

This book asks serious questions like, is war morally wrong? Is war ever right? Set in the confusion and turmoil of the 60's two lovers, Andre and Teri,  are united by their mutual love of classical music. Teri is very much against the war, but her twin brother Tim wants to go over there to prove his bravery. Andre and Teri get swept into the anti-war effort, but will their choices turn to tragedy?

I honestly, didn't enjoy this book at all. I really wanted to, but I couldn't. There was an undertone throughout the story that I didn't really agree with, I can't put my finger in it, but it really bothered me. Also there was alot of crude language in this book and that ruined the lilted flow of Mr. Milton's writing for me. There were so many f-bombs that I stopped counting after six, some 3-letter A words, 4 or 5 uses of the 4-letter S word, a couple of uses of the 4-letter H word (as a curse), and some crude remarks about a the human anatomy. There were also a time when God's name was taken in vain, though God was not capitilized in that instance.

As for other content, an unmarried couple lives and sleeps together, even thought they know it is wrong, though they refrain from intimacy.

The theme of this book is pacifism, and how when taken to far it has serious consequences. So overall, I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone that I know, and I wouldn't catagortize it as a Christian book,  but I admire Mr. Milton's command on the art of writing. He is very gifted. I'm sorry that I couldn't give this book a positive review, but this is my honest opinion. Thanks :)
ISBN: 978-0-9794579-3-7

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