Lovely Blog Award

I am amazingly honored, to have receive a Lovely Blog Award from a certain lovely young lady herself, Katie McCurdy. This is my first ever award, so you can imagine my happiness.

But it has taken me awhile to accept it. But here I am!

There are 2 rules you must follow to accept this award:

Rule #1 - Tell 7 facts about yourself
Rule #2 - Pass the award on to 15 "lovely blogs"

Random Things About Me:

1. I'm an active Teen Bible Quizzer
2. I'm a bit reserved, shy, and awkward, in person.
3. I have my own pony, a pinto, named Alyssa Tissa Princessa.
4. I'm in love with the state of Wyoming.
5. I'm an assistant church librarian, where I go to church.
6. I'm a Sparks leader in the AWANA program.
7. I sing in an all-girls, homeschool choir.

Now for the awards... I'm new to blogging as I started in Febuary of this year so I'm finding new blogs that I like all the time.

The honorees, (in no particular order)...

1. Katie at Legacy of a Writer back at ya!

2. Whisper at Jabberwocky

3. Casey at Writing for Christ

4. Joy at Joyfully Journaling

5. Tessa at Christ is Write

6. Jane at Reviews by Jane

7. Carole at Sunnybank Meanderings

8. Cathy at Thoughts on Books

9.  Jenna at Literally-YA

10. Brianna at Pursuing the Truth

11. Kav at Best Reads 2010-2011

12. Lisa at Golden Grasses

13. Tori at Learning for Life

14. Jake at Teen Writer

15. Nora at Psalm516

So to claim you award all you have to do is follow these 2 rules and post a link to your blog post about the Lovely Blog Award in the the comment form below :)


  1. Hey Faye,

    Thank you so much for mentioning my blog! Love that you are an assistant librarian! (I'm a a school librarian).

  2. Faye:

    Thank you so much for reward! I don't keep up with many blogs right now, so I don't think I could pass it on to 15 more, but I appreciate it very, very much!

    And congrats for getting it yourself! :-)


  3. Thank you Faye!! I appreciate it. :) And LOVE the blog's look!!

  4. Kav, that is so cool! I bet you have alot of good recommendations for all sorts of people :)
    You're very welcome.

    Brianna,I've been following your blog for sometime noew and I really enjoy it. The best wishes to you and your film internship :) Thanks :)

    Casey, you're welcome :) Your blog is one of my must-reads of the day :)

  5. Thank you for the reward, Faye! I appreciate it. =)

    God bless,


  6. Oh, it's so cool that you have a pony! Do you ride her?


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