TBQ (Teen Bible Quiz) interview with Aimee Lojeski

Howdy! Instead of telling you which books I'm excited to read, this week I have a special interview, with my friend Aimee Lojeski. I have mentioned before on my blog that I am active in TBQ, so I thought it would be cool to have some other TBQ-ers tell you what it's about too! So give a warm welcome to...Aimee!

Hello Aimee, so glad that I could have you here today! First off, tell my readers a little about yourself.
Hi! My name is Aimee Lojeski (but you already know that) and I am 17 years old. I am in the 12th grade and I work at Chic-fil-A.
I have been a Christian since I was really little but I realized at the age of 14 that it was my choice if and what I believed, after a really rough year and a lot of searching, I decided to ask Jesus into my heart again and this time I was sure it was what I wanted and I have been on fire for God ever since.
I have 4 brothers and 5 sisters and wonderful parents. Oh and then there's my brother-in-law and my niece. So in other words I have a large family and I would never trade them even when it gets rough having so many people in my life.
I love to write, and sing, and dance in the rain and read, my sister says if I'm not singing something isn't right with the world.
I have a passion to help those who can't help themselves. I love being able to help abused children because though I have never once been abused, I know people who were and I've seen the damage it causes.
Then there's bible quiz; I have been a bible quizzer since the 3rd grade and I love it! I love memorizing God's word, and I love the people you meet while quizzing because they are all so amazing! I think God put bible quiz in my path because he knew I would need to fit in somewhere. God is so great and he gets all the glory for the person I am today!

What's your favorite verse that you've memorized for BQ, so far, and why?
My favorite verse that I've memorized so far... That's tough to answer because I tend to have a favorite verse for every book that I memorize, but last year for John I would say, John 16:33 "I have told you these thing so that in me you may have peace, in this world you will have trouble but take heart! I have overcome the world."
I love this verse for many reason! It reminds me that no matter what I am going through and matter how bad it may seem... God's there and he already has the victory! It also reminds me that if God warned me so long ago that I would have trouble, it can't possible take him by surprise, and If he already knows about it then I don't have to worry because he must know the outcome then. :)
What important lesson have you learned while immersing yourself in scripture?
Well (I'm not sure this is what you want but I'll go with it) as I memorized last year I never seemed to do enough... I was always behind and review didn't happen because I was behind in memorizing, I became so angry at myself that one night (sometime after a bible quiz meet) I cried out to God because I felt like he had taken the one thing I was good at and turned it into something I could never get right! As I cried I remember something a really great friend of mine told me "God doesn't love you because of your talents!"
I gave that quiz year to God that night, and I promised to go as far as God would take me... God in his great wisdom made me go to nationals! :P
On a different note while memorizing this last year ( John chapter 3 verse 30) I realized God had to be number one in my life! I couldn't even put my needs and my wants before him... I struggled with that but I realized that when I am putting God first... I still have time for me, just not always when I want . (Like sleeping in Sunday mornings that would be so nice...)

No, that's perfect! I think sometimes we can let things, even Bible Quiz, become things that we feel we must be perfect at. I'm so glad you realized the true message behind what BQ is about :)
How is TBQ different then just reading and memorizing on your own?

Well it's not just what I do because I have a team so I have to remember that it's not all about me and we all have to be on the same page...
Like this year we couldn't find a day to practice. We were all very busy as it was last year, and now some of us have jobs and we all have other activities that we keep up with throughout the week, so we all had to stretch a little bit to make it work.
A lot goes on behind the scenes to make the quiz season work and without a great coach we'd be lost, I'm sure!
So I guess I'm saying without a good team and a great coach and great friends and family BQ is just a distant dream because it wouldn't happen without them. :)
Finding time is one of the hardest things for people our age. Not that we're old or something. But quizzing is a time investment. I've met your coach, she's great :):). How has TBQ helped you build friendships with other Christian teens, such as yourself?

Well when you see some of these people once a month it's hard not to build friendships... And by the time Nationals is over you're left wondering what you're are going to do until you start up again, because you start to miss everyone. TBQ has really helped me build friendships because I'm not the most outgoing person (right when you meet me) so it helps to have something to talk about. :)

So true. I'm not the most outgoing either, so it's helped me in that area too! So would you recommend quizzing to other teens? Why?

I would and i wouldn't all at the same time... I would because I love it and it's a great way to learn God's word and make some great friends... But i wouldn't because it takes up A LOT of time and like there are days
I would love to just hang out with my friends but most of the time even if I do go to like a friends house or something I bring my quiz book with me and I have to work on that before I can really do anything else, then there is the big price tag that comes along with it. The thing is even when i want to hang out with friends or I can't pay for another new quiz book or go on a certain trip for quiz... And yes even though i don't have a lot of free time... I do because He called me to all those years ago (in the 3rd grade.) So I would say if you have tons of free time and want to learn God's word while meeting some interesting people along the way... for sure BQ is for you!
I can see where it's not for everyone, but there are some awesome life long benefits as well :) One last question, what tidbit of advice do you have for new/beginning quizzers?

My advice would be don't give up even though it's hard and to have a good family in your corner to encourage you when you want to throw your quiz book in anger... Also pray before you start and give your practice time to God. Stay in God's word (not just what you're memorizing.) last but not least have your team members and coach(s) on speed dial. :)
 It really is worth it and you will find that it helps you in other areas of your life...
 So to sum it up... Don't give up,  keep God involved, have your team on speed dial (in case you have a freak out moment right before nationals, like I did.)
 And it's all for God's glory!

Thanks so much for sharing with us, Aimee. It was so much fun to interview you and have you here today :)

If anyone would like more information about TBQ visit the official website by clicking HERE :) Or feel free to comment below ;)

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