What I've been up to lately

Hello there! As I just got back into the swing of things this week, I haven't had much time for reading and posting reviews. But I hope to have a review up tomorrow :)
 I just got back from AWANA tonight. I'm a SPARKS leader. I'm very passionate about AWANA, and I experienced it as a kid so helping out was what I really wanted to do.
I can tell you though, that I have gotten back to writing after being way to busy to pick it up for the last month or so. So I was so excited to have time to write. Finally!
My character has just found a love interest, so I'm really excited about exploring that :) Also I'm in the middle of adding a ton of new characters and I'm trying to make them all distinct and original. I can't really tell you what I wrote, and I'll probably change it like, 300 times! But let's just say that there is progress and my critique partner consultant (Megan that's you!) has high hopes, so I will try not to let her down! So until I post tomorrow...Bye :)


  1. Wonderful about your participation in AWANA as a leader. I was a leader for Pioneer Girls and loved it. I still keep in touch with them on facebook and that was, yikes, 27 years ago!

    Good for you on resuming your writing. It's so hard to find the time sometimes. But soooo worth it! I'm taking an online workshop on Conflict in the Story with author Cheryl St. John and its only $10. You should look her up and try to catch on of them sometime.

    Have fun!

  2. That is so cool! It's amazing the bonds and the difference you can make as an AWANA leader :) Thanks for sharing that with me.

    Thank you. I'm happy about it too!

    That workshop sounds great, thanks for sharing the info with with me :)


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