Veiled Rose by Anne Elisabeth Stengl ~ review

Veiled Rose by Anne Elisabeth Stengl: Book Cover

My review: Veiled Rose is an intricately woven book, full of fresh fantasy with a classic feel. The story follows two complex main characters, Rose Red, a mysterious girl who covers her secret with veils, and Leo, a young prince who is always ready for adventure.

Veiled Rose reads like a timeless classic, a bit slow going at times but well worth reading. Ms. Stengl weaves an ethereal spell throughout the book, with complicated plotlines laid down ever so subtly. It is a rich, engaging and all together enjoyable book.

At first, I worried that I might not "get it" because I haven't yet read the first novel in the series, but I soon found that Veiled Rose stood on its own splendidly.

Another thing that I wanted to bring up was that this book was far away from being predictable, and I think that's what made it enjoyable. I could never fully guess what was coming next, it pretty much always took me by surprise! And I loved that. Not to mention the fact that I stayed up waayyy to late reading it!

Overall Veiled Rose is a beautiful book that is entirely too easy to get lost in. I believe that it will thrill fans of the Classic Fairy Tale, as well as fans of Christian Fantasy, and some who aren't fans of either!

 Final Rating: 4.75 out of 5

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Thanks to Noelle Buss & Bethany House Publishers for furnishing this book free of charge to me for review! Thanks!

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