12 Pearls of Christmas Day 6 ~ With Shellie Tomlinson

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Let The Baby Grow Up This Christmas

By Shellie Tomlinson

When I was a little girl, Christmas seemed to take forever to make its way back to our
little house on the end of a dirt road called Bull Run in northeast Louisiana. We kids
started counting down the days before the leaves ever began turning. Sure, the adults
said it came once a year but I wasn't so sure. Once Santa Claus left our humble abode it
seemed like light years before he found his way back to the Delta.

That was a child's perspective. I imagine it hasn't changed all that much for today's kids.
On the other hand, I'm operating under a completely different time frame these days. It
seems like it was just yesterday when I pulled the boxes down from the attic and began
pulling out the nativity scene, the miniature lights, and the keepsake ornaments. And
now, just that fast-- Christmas Day is right around the corner. Soon the tree will be
striped naked and the piled up presents will all be distributed. After a few more day it'll
be hard to remember who got what from whom, and once again, I'll start packing all the
decorations away for another year.

I was thinking about how bare and cold the house always looks after the holidays
when I realized that, sadly, this  scene would play itself out in many hearts as
A lot of people will have had expectations that weren't filled and many of those
same souls will be left with hurts that don't seem to heal. Unless this year is remarkably
different from past seasons, my bet is, the New Year will bring magazines full of articles
on combating depression and the talk shows will have experts on offering ways to fill the
long days ahead and cure the winter blues.

I'm no expert, dear readers, but I'd like to offer you a suggestion that will go far beyond
the creature comforts of a nice warm bath or a delicious bowl of hot soup. Your heart
doesn't have to be bare and naked after the holidays. Do you want to know the real
secret? It's simple, really. Don't pack up Christ with Christmas! As beautiful and special
as the Christmas story is, it's only a part of heaven's miracle. The Christ child grew into
a man and the man became a Savior.

This year, may we be determined to let the babe from Bethlehem live on in our hearts. If
we'll allow Him to become the Messiah He was born to be, the joy of Christmas can be
ours all year long.

Shellie Rushing

is an author, speaker, and radio host from Louisiana. Her latest release
Sue Ellen's Girl Ain't Fat, She Just Weighs Heavy was endorsed by Jeff Foxworthy
as "laugh out loud funny!" You can find Shellie's weekly southern features, podcasts,
video chats and more at http://www.allthingssouthern.com/ Make sure to get by the blog
 and read about the Super Christmas Giveaway Shellie is hosting for her readers and secure
your chance to win a Mort Kunstler print valued between $700 and $1400. www.allthingssouthern.com

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