Belonging by Robin Lee Hatcher ~ Review

Belonging (Where The Heart Lives)

My Review: This one is quite possibly my favorite book by Ms. Hatcher so far. This book has it all, with an engaging, yet traditional story line that moves along swiftly and characters that move you, and easily draw one in.

Felicia is a schoolteacher in Idaho, during the late 1800's, determined to help her students learn. But there are some things--and people that stand in her way. What can she do to gain the trust of the town, and convince them to let her stay?

Well written, and very engaging, I loved this book from the get-go.
I was aurprisedd at how much I liked all three of the main characters, because often I only like one or none of them, but this time I loved them all! Each of the main characters was well written, with their own unique backstory. I was intrigued and drawn in by every single one of them. though if I had to choose which one I liked best I'm going to say that I really liked Kathleen and her story alot :) The side character were also amazing, though, of course I had to dislike the villian :)

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this story, it was exactily what I wanted out of this sweet romance. The plot was excellent as were the characters. The plot moved steadily, even to the point of keeping me up late! For me it was the perfect book at the perfect time and I enjoyed it immensely, and will most certainly be recommending this book :)

Final Rating: 5 out of 5.

I received this book from the publisher in return for an honest review, which I have done my best to express here. Thanks :)

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