Amish Weddings by Beht Wiseman, Barbara Cameron, and Kelly Long ~ Review

An Amish Wedding

My Review: Three Amish couples wrestle with doubts and hilarious situations in the days prior to their nuptials.

Each of the three novellas are interwoven with the story lines of the other making this book even sweeter. Because this is a novellas collection I will split my review into 3 parts, with a brief review of each story.

Perfect Secret is the first of the collection, and tells the tale of Rose Bender and her husband-to-be Luke. As the date grows closer so do Rose's suspicions that Luke is hiding something from her.

This story was hard for me to get into, and the story was a bit choppy at times. At times I questioned the logic behind some of the character's choices, but this is just my personal opinion. Perfect Secret the realms of doubt, and mistrust that can either hold people together or tear them apart.There are some scenes that will make you smile, right along with the characters :) If you love Amish fiction you'll enjoy this one.

Perfect Match. Naomi, who has made some good matches for others, attempts a match for a friend. But what happens when it all goes awry?

Well written with a clear, plot and characters that will endear themselves to you when you aren't looking, Perfect Match was my favorite of the three stories, and it's possibly because I got to see the connections being made between the two main characters, instead of it already being in place before the story began. The characters were well done, and I couldn't help but be utterly charmed each of them. Not only did the main characters stand out , but so did some of the side characters, most especially Margaret. I couldn't help but wish that Margaret's story had been expanded upon :)

Perfect Plan. What happens to a young Amish couple when everything seems to go wrong just weeks before their big day? For Priscilla and Chester, that's exactly what seems to happen, even to the point of them questioning whether they should even be together!

This was the story that tied them all together. Filled with humorous moments, and faith, Perfect Plan show us how, we should trust all our worries and cares to the Lord, rather than take them upon ourselves, because He alone can make things--and be--perfect. Chester and Priscilla want everything to be perfect for their wedding yet, worries and stress creep up on them at times. Filled with heartwarming moments and messages, sure to put a smile on your face :D

Overall this is a wonderful collection for the lovers of Amish fiction, out there, and for those who just want a great read. You won't want to miss An Amish Wedding!

Final Rating: 4.5 out of 5

I received this book from the publisher in return for an honest review, which I have done my best to do here. Thanks.

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