Some of My Favorite Christmas Books

Merry Christmas to ya'll, today I wanted to share some of my favorite Christmas picture books with you. These are the ones that I remember my Mother reading to me before bed. These are the stories that I remember fondly, and have some awesome memories of reading and re-reading multiple times. So enjoy!

The Christmas Miracle Of Jonathan Toomey Gift Set
One of my favorites will always be, The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey by Susan Wojciechowski; Illustrated by P.J. Lynch. I've heard that someone has made a movie of it, but I haven't seen it. One of the things that makes this one of my favorites is that is a story that a young person and an adult can both enjoy and get something out of, also the illustrations are beautiful!

The Gift of the MagiAnother of my favorites will always be The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry; Illustrated by Carol Heyer. I think it was rare if a Christmas season went by when we didn't read this one every single day! Yeah, I was kinda obsessed with it :P It's definitely a classic, heart-warming tale and the gorgeous illustrations are just the icing on the cake :)

Annika's Secret WishAnd last but not least Annika's Secret Wish by Beverly Lewis; Illustrated by Pamela Querin. The details in the artwork are stunning, and I love the obvious Scandinavian feel to the illustrations.

Well thanks for letting me share my favorite Christmas Picture Books with you :)

Have a very Merry Christmas!


  1. Hi Faye! It was so wonderful to hear that you liked my version of THE GIFT OF THE MAGI! I love O. Henry and was excited to get a chance to illustrate this story. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. Yes, I love it! It's my favorite version. I tried reading another one but it just wasn't the same, I guess the memories are kind of attached to your version of "The Gift of the Magi" :)
    Thanks so much for dropping by!
    Merry Christmas :)


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