Meet the Skeptic: A Field Guide to Faith Conversations by Bill Foster ~ Review

Meet the Skeptic: A Field Guide to Faith Conversations
My Review: A must-read for every Christian!

Have you ever struggled in a conversation with a skeptic, when talking about topics like faith and ethics? And the skeptic seems to have all these answers that sound irrefutable, but you know there has to be a way to reason with them logically! If you have ever had a tough time explaining you faith, then this book is for you. Engaging and easy to follow, with a touch of humor, Meet the Skeptic is a very helpful resource.

I thought that this book made many excellent points about what a skeptic believes and where they come from, and it helped me better understand how to have a faith conversation without compromising.

I found this book to be easy to read, and fun even, because of the captivating and engaging way in which it was written. And though this book is about finding the flaws in a skeptics reasoning and worldview, Mr. Foster makes it clear that we should always  speak the truth  in love.

I really the format of this book and how the points were concise, yet easy to understand. Mr. Foster teaches how to respond to tough questions about evolution, absolutes, and the truth of the Bible.

After having read this book I feel more prepared to Meet the Skeptic, and I know that this is a helpful tool that I will read over and over again. This book is excellent. I highly recommend it, especially to teens and young adults, who are forced to defend their beliefs to their politically correct peers. But I also recommend this book to adults, and pre-teens :) A book that is just too good to miss!


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