The Soldier's Wife by Cheryl Reavis ~ Review

The Soldier's Wife
Lucie's Review: A post-Civil War romance that brings two people from opposite sides together in the unlikeliest of ways.

Jeremiah (Jack) Murphy hears the cries of a dying man, Thomas Garth, on the battlefield, Thomas asks Jack to take his belongings back home to his wife, and Jack agrees. When Jack meets the lovely widow Sayer Garth he finds himself hesitant to leave.
 Can hearts heal in the wake of a nation in post-war tumult?

This story was a little different then other Love Inspired's because it took awhile for the main characters to meet. But I liked how the back story was woven into the story, so I was able to understand what had transpired in Sayer's first marriage, and that was kind of a sweet story of its own.

I liked how the relationships were formed and how Jack also bonded with Sayer's young sisters-in-law. And there was a great complexity to this story that made it more realistic.

There was also a great spiritual side to it, because the war took a huge toll on Jack and her doesn't know how to pray anymore and has moments when he struggles physically. I felt that his struggles were very realistic for what he had gone through.

I really liked the characters. Sayer was a smart, quick thinking woman, and Jack is a great guy who has his struggles. There were well developed side characters, I especially liked Rorie, and Thomas's sisters.

Overall, this book was a little different, but a totally satisfying read. There was a really great climatic ending, and so humorous parts where Jack was trying to avoid Sayer because he was falling for her.
A great read, with action, and great characters.

No review required, I just liked this book :)

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