A Patchwork Christmas by Judith Miller, Nancy Moser, and Stephanie Grace Whitson ~ Review

A Patchwork Christmas: Three Christmas Romances with Bonus Handcraft Patterns and Cookie Recipes

Lucie's Review: Three Christmas tales stitched with love.

Seems Like Christmas by Judith Miller

~ Karla is a young woman living in one of the Amana colonies, dumped by her one-time fiance, and convinced that she is too plain to ever wed. Karla faithfully sews her younger sister's wedding quilt, in preparation for the coming nuptials. When suddenly an old friend from the past comes back into her life. Maybe it's not too late for Karla after all...

This one was probably my favorite out of all the stories. I have never read anything about the Amana colonies before, so I found it really fascinating, and I learned tons.

I liked the characters, and I thought that the interaction between Frank and Karla was great, and I really wanted them to be together! Karla and Frank had great interaction. A sweet Christmas tale of love and life in the Amana colonies.

A Patchwork Love by Stephanie Grace Whitson

~ Jane and her daughter Molly are on their way to Denver to meet Mr. Higgins for the first time. A man with whom Jane could one day have a future. But when the train gets stuck and Molly falls ill, Mutti and her son Peter offer their assistance. Will this sudden detour become a meeting that could have only been predestination?

This story started out slow for me, because Jane and Molly were on the train for quite a long time, and then it took awhile for Jane and Peter to finally meet. So in my personal opinion I thought that the story could have been shorter so that things could move faster. But after Peter and Jane met, I thought things moved much quicker, and I enjoyed the story.

I really liked the character of Mutti, who was Peter's mother, she was smart and good humored. And I really liked Peter's horse, also named Molly :) A good man has got to have a good horse!

I liked how this story had little twists that came unexpectedly, because I would try to figure out where it was going and something would come up, which was refreshing. A sweet prairie tale.

The Bridal Quilt by Nancy Moser

~ Ada and Samuel are a courting couple from upper class New York. One night Samuel goes slumming with his friends and he comes upon a young orphan on the street being coerced into joining a gang of street bandits. From that one experience Samuel turns his life around and follows the his calling to work to support the orphan home. He also breaks it off with Ada.
A year later will Ada and Samuel have a second chance at love?

This story was hard for me to read because I had a hard time understanding why the characters made the choices that they did, and the setting just wasn't my style. But that aside, I liked how Samuel was so moved by his experience and was willing to give all to help others.

I guess my main problem was that I just didn't like how manipulative Ada's mother was, it was a nightmare! I liked how Samuel grew spiritally and Ada grew to have a more personal faith.  A tale of full of angst.

A lovely collection of historical fiction set against a variety of surroundings. I think that that there is a story in here for everyone!

I received this ebook from the publisher in return for an honest review. Thanks!

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