Handpicked Husband by Winnie Griggs ~ Review

Handpicked Husband
Lucie's Review: Engaging from the first page!

Regina has two weeks to pick and marry one of the three men that her grandfather has chosen for her. So that means that she has two weeks to get rid of her potential suitors!
Adam is a New York lawyer who was wrongly convicted and wants to clear his name. Regina's Grandfather is the only person who believed in his innocence, so when he asks him to oversee the plan to get Regina married, he can't say no. But he finds Reggie crossing his mind more and more often...

What a hilarious adventure! I just loved how Reggie tried to get rid of all of her suitors, she was a genius and the things she did were a riot! There was a whole cast of characters, and they all interacted well. I was really surprised with just how much I liked this book and how I came to really like and admire a character that I wasn't sure that I would ever like.

This book was just delightful and possibly my favorite from this author, there was so much story to this book, even though it doesn't look like it's that long. The characters were well developed and the plot was so original, I loved how unpredictable many of the elements were!

This was also a really poignant read as well, with Reggie having a secret of her own, and the story of her past and how she needed to realize that God forgives all. I loved how thought provoking it was, and I kept asking myself "What if she'd done this instead?" Or "What if he hadn't reacted like that?" Because while they could have made different choices it all worked out for the best.

Overall and well written and satisfying read!

I received this ebook from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

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