The Survivor by DiAnn Mills ~ Review

The Survivor
Astor's Review: An edge of your seat thriller, that will keep you guessing to the very end!

Tigo is investigating a bombing, while Kariss is working with Dr. Amy Garrett to write her next best-selling novel.
Tigo and Kariss broke up because of broken trust and an unshared faith. But can all of the chaos around them, bring these two back together?

This book was impossible to put down! From the action-packed scenes to the relational tension between Tigo and Kariss, and the plot that kept me guessing, this is by far one of DiAnn Mills' best books yet!

One thing I should probably say, is that I would definitely recommend reading this series in order, because otherwise it will be harder to latch onto where Tigo and Kariss are emotionally and why they broke up in the first place.

The characters were well crafted, and I liked how Tigo struggled in his journey to faith, because it's not easy for everyone and sometimes it's hard because others will look at how Christians are behaving to each other and not look any further. It's sad but true. And Kariss had an independent steak, yet she truly cared.

Overall, this was a thrilling adventure that you won't want to miss, from the mystery, suspense, and romance, to the faith elements. This is a book that would be hard not to love!

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!


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