Unlocking the Spell by E.D. Baker ~ Review

Unlocking the Spell (Wide-Awake Princess, #2)
My Review: A fairy tale mash up of all the classics, but with a twist!

After freeing her sister Gwen from her cursed sleep, Annie, who happens to have the gift of being immune to magic, is again joining forces with Liam and Beldegard to break the spell holding Beldegard captive in the form of a bear.

This was a fun, clean, fairy tale read, and the second tale of the Wide-Awake Princess (Sister to Sleeping Beauty). I have long been a fan of Ms. Baker's fun fairy tales, especially her previous adventure series about a Frog Princess and her Prince, that will always be fondly remembered in my heart, so I was more than excited to pick up her newest release. I wasn't disappointed!

Unlocking the Spell was a fun lighthearted read, that featured cameos from classic fairy tale characters, like Snow White, Cinderella, The Big Bad Wolf, The Three Little Pigs and many more. For those who are concerned about the magic content, I can only explain it the best way I know how, the magic is not used in dark ways, or im ways that would be unsettling to anyone who is familiar to the original tales. And there wasn't any language, questionable language, or blood, with very mild violence, (princes waving swords around, and an instance of an evil witch trying to kill Snow White with a magic necklace, but Annie and her friends get there in time), or sex (just some mild fairy tale kissing), making this book in my opinion a great clean read :)

Overall, this was a fun book, with quirky twists, with likable characters. I would definitely recommend reading the prequel first, so that the story arch will make a more sense, and also because it's a fun book that you won't want to miss either. I would recommend this book to fans of fairy tales, adventures and Disney movies :)

I received this ebook from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

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