Family Lessons by Allie Pleiter ~ Review

Family Lessons
Lucie's Review:

When train robbers attack a train bearing orphans west, the children find themselves stranded in Evan's Grove, Nebraska, along with schoolteacher, Holly Sanders. Since they aren't going to be going any further down the line, the whole community pitches in to find the children homes within the community.

Holly and Mason are were two very different characters and I loved watching Mason's heart change and realize that he didn't have to lock everyone one out.

There were some really great side characters in the children, and the townspeople, especially that busy-body Beatrice!

It was a sweet story and I loved how the author really included the townspeople and didn't just focus on a few characters. And I liked how I wasn't really sure how it would all work out in the end, because it was a bit unpredictable.

Overall, a rather sweet story, with more to come in the series, that I will definitely be watching for.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!

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